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Best Treadmill For Long Distance Running

Best treadmill for long distance running – Behind successful marathoners is a heavy training and workout routine. The treadmill is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment marathoners can use to train. Treadmills allow you to get cardio workout no matter the time, weather, or season. Treadmills are an excellent training partner for long distance running.

Best Treadmill For Long Distance Running

Things to consider when choosing treadmills for long distance running. Here are some key qualities to help you find the best treadmill for marathon training.

If you are looking for a treadmill to help with long distance running training one thing to consider is its motor. The treadmill should have belt motors that can handle high speeds, operate for long periods of time without overheating and can respond quickly to speed adjustments.

For marathon training, it is best to choose treadmills with high quality cushioning to help protect your joints. It can minimise the risk of injury and is safer than training outdoors thanks to the good cushioning of the treadmill.

Tread Belts
Another thing to consider is the tread belt, for serious runners treadmills need to have a high quality tread belt or running track in terms of composition and size. The standard track size is 20 inches wide by 60 inches long but for long distance running it is better if you have extra width and length.

Wireless heart rate monitoring is of one of the most advanced aspects of technology that is best for long distance running. Most of the treadmills have contact pulse sensors built into their handlebars but wireless systems are preferable and are more accurate and more convenient, especially at higher speeds. It should also have an easy to read console that can provide you feedback such as for your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories.

The treadmill must also have a power incline of at least 10% to a maximum of 20%. The inclines help you to burn calories faster, enhance cardio training and helps you to avoid boredom.

Treadmill NameTreadmill MotorMax User CapacityWorkout DisplaySize of RunningPrice on Amazon
Sole F653.25 CHP350 lbs.7.5" LCD22" X 60"Check Price
Bowflex T2164.0 CHP400 lbs.9" LCD22" x 60"Check Price
NordicTrack T 7.53.0 CHP400 lbs.7” LCD20” x 60”Check Price
Horizon 7.8 AT4.0 CHP350lbs.9.3” LCD22" X 60"Check Price
Sole TT84.0 CHP400 lbs.10.1" LCD22" X 60"Check Price
ProForm 905 CST3.0 CHP350lbs.5” LCD22" X 60"Check Price
NordicTrack 29504.25 CHP300 lbs.22” HD SMART22" X 60"Check Price
Precor TRM 4254.25 CHP350lbs.5" LCD22" X 60"Check Price
3G Cardio4.0 CHP386lbs.One-Touch22" x 62"Check Price
Nautilus T6183.5 CHP350lbs.Dual LCD displays20" x 60"Check Price

Precor TRM 835 Treadmill

Best Treadmill For Long Distance Running

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The TRM 835 delivers a smooth and responsive running performance with the added benefit of Integrated Footplant Technology and Ground Effects Impact Control (GFX). The TRM 835 is built with exceptional durability, comfort and ease-of-use to meet all exercise goals.

Treadmills require a dedicated 20amp circuit Dimensions: 88″x35″x64″ (LxWxH) with PVS 80′ Tall Unit Weight: 456 lbs Running Surface (L X W) 60 L x 22 W inches -3% decline to 15% incline in 0.5% increments Max User Weight: 500 lbs

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

Best Treadmill For Long Distance Running

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Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit; 1 year iFit membership included with your treadmill; gain access to on demand, interactive trainer led global and studio workout programs. Immersive 14” HD SMART Touchscreen Display provides trainer led workouts and convenient stats tracking; FlexSelect cushioning and an AutoBreeze workout fan deliver a comfortable run.

Best Treadmill For Long Distance Running – Nautilus T618 Treadmill

Best Treadmill For Long Distance Running

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Nautilus are a world-famous fitness equipment company; they have an impressive range of treadmills available. The one we are looking at today is the Nautilus T618 treadmill. This is a high-quality treadmill at a decent price. It provides a 15% incline and has a 3.5 CHP motor which means that it should be able to handle the top speed of 12mph.

Nautilus makes gym-grade quality fitness equipment, which is why their products are always so durable. This treadmill has a max user weight of 350lbs, which is about 50lbs heavier than the majority of treadmills. It should last you a very long time, and that’s with constant use at high speeds. Overall, this is an excellent treadmill choice for anyone with a bad back.

Bowflex T216 Treadmill

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Bowflex kit is always top of the range, and the company has a sterling reputation for its products. The Bowflex T216 treadmill is a great example of that, and it is perfect for anyone with a bad back. What Bowflex has managed to do is sell a very high quality, powerful, durable, and comfortable machine for a very reasonable price.

Let’s start with the motor, the treadmill uses a 4.0 CHP motor which allows it to be run on the top speed of 12mph without any issues. There is also a motorized incline which can be increased all the way to 15%. The treadmill is built to last, and with such a powerful motor you shouldn’t need to consider purchasing a new treadmill for at least ten years. Suddenly, that price looks even more reasonable!

Best Treadmill For Long Distance Running – Sole F85 Folding Treadmill

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At Sole we are always looking for ways to make our equipment better, more efficient, with higher quality. Look for new equipment in the future in variety of different areas. More importantly, look for innovative fitness ideas from Sole that have dedicated fitness people in mind.

These ideas will make it easy for people to stay in shape, or follow a fitness plan regardless of where they are. For serious runners, only serious treadmills will do, and that’s why SOLE is the treadmill of choice. This machine provides more options than conventional home treadmills like similar commercial models.

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