Bowflex VeloCore 22 Exercise Bike Review

Bowflex VeloCore 22 Exercise Bike Review – You searching for different things? Accomplish you want to ride a motorcycle in the safety of your home ? The indoor cycle Bowflex Velocore 22 allows users to lean from side to area while riding. You on with the task? In our thorough review of the Velocore, let ‘s have a look at its performance.

A fascinating concept could be the Velocore design. Is it possible to balance on a leaning bicycle? The Velocore is designed to activate the external obliques and recruit core muscles more efficiently than on a stationary cycle.

The initial Bowflex Velocore is designed to activate more of the core during riding. The framework in the bike locks and unlocks. More of one’s stomach need to be engaged when leaning. Enteredlike the expansion that entered this style and this is the reason why we’ve named the Bowflex Velocore the most effective fitness bike for primary strength on good workout bikes list.

Bowflex VeloCore Exercise Bike Review

Bowflex VeloCore 22 Exercise Bike

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A seat, pedals and drive program sit laterally upon a floor. The touchscreen, framework, and stabilizers are all fixed. The protection Velocore design improves the safety from the frame. Keeping a great set position for that touchscreen reduces the chances of fatigue and screen wobbles. I was impressed with the design of the Velocore 22, which allows intended for both stability and a part leaning option. This design is usually new and innovative.

Bike Specs


  • Frame: Corrosion-resistant reinforced steel
  • Stabilizers: Front and rear stabilizers hold bike securely
  • Saddle: Racing style, narrow design, light padding
  • Pedals: Hybrid flat pedal + SPD clip
  • Flywheel: Iighted, rear placed under saddle
  • Footprint: 60” L x 24” W 55” H
  • Bike weight: 175 lbs
  • Max weight: 325 lbs
  • Ceiling Height: Rider + 16”


  • Screen: 16” or 22” Touchscreen, adjustable
  • Subscription: Bowflex JRNY
  • WiFi: Required for use
  • Bluetooth: Enabled to sync with included HR armband
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Fan: No


  • Resistance: Magnetic Resistance; Resistance Knob
  • Levels: Digital Resistance levels 1-100
  • Adjustment: Three adjustment points:
  • Seat up/down and forward/aft, Handlebars up/down
  • Weights: 3lb weights included


  • Frame & Parts: 2 Year Warranty
  • Labor: 1 Year Warranty

Bowflex VeloCore 22 Exercise Bike Review

Fat Cages

The Velocore is sold with weight which is frequently used in NON – leaning classes that incorporate torso work. The amount of weight sit within the stationary support arm which has the touchscreen. They’re covered in the price tag on the bike. The inclusion of weight loads is a good sign that chest muscles work is made to the programming.

Tablet/ Phone display rack

There is a tablet corner just in front of the screen where you can create a phone or tablet if desired. It will block the screen a bit, so be aware of this. Since the motorcycle shifts from side to area and the screen tilts frontward and back, a tablet may well not be totally firm here. There’s also a tiny pocket to get a cellphone in the handlebars.

Drinking waterWine Holders

There is two cup owners on either side of the handlebar post. These are a lttle bit flimsy and light and portable– they may well not hold a Hydroflask or other heavy water bottle, but they will support plastic bottles. This is an important safety feature on a bike as it is not a good idea to reach down over bike to pick up a water bottle off the floor . Even though you are training at home , having water baby bottles near by and within safe grasp is valuable.

Bowflex VeloCore 22 Exercise Bike Review Summary

The Velocore have been enjoyable driving and testing. This is a great revolutionary design that adds entertaining to the design! How very much you can do to develop your core while riding a bike ? The Velocore feels steady, does not appear gimmicky, and offers superb training with impressive programming. Top of my list for brand spanking new , entertaining indoor cycling options.

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Bowflex VeloCore 22 Exercise Bike Review

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