Stamina | X AMRAP Indoor Rowing Machine


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Row for results The stamina x amrap (as many reps as possible) rower is built to withstand intense workouts day after day. Fuel your intensity The amrap rower was designed for results. Dynamic air resistance adapts to your workout speed. Pull harder for more resistance; ease off for less. Further customize your workout by using the adjustable damper. Track your gains over time with the workout monitor and chest strap heart rate transmitter. The monitor allows varied workouts each session, increasing your motivation and interest. You can pick interval intensity programs or set target values for distance, time or calories. During your session, The monitor displays distance and interval, time, total strokes/strokes per minute, meters per stroke, watts, calories and heart rate (by using the heart rate transmitter). a game mode adds even more fun and variability. Also, a cell phone bracket allows use of your own device during your workout. Built to last The molded seat promotes proper rowing form. Adjustable footplates with straps keep you secure. The textured grip on the rowing handle keeps your grip secure, even when sweating. Solid-steel construction and a durable rowing chain make the amrap rower a long-lasting mainstay in your home gym. End caps stabilize the rower and protect your floor. Built-in wheels make for easy storage after you’ve finished your workout, and quick separation of the main frame and rail minimizes required Storage space. For a high-quality, built-to-last rowing machine, look no further than the stamina x amrap rowing machine.

  • AIR RESISTANCE: Pull harder to increase your intensity or ease
    off for less. Adjust the built-in damper on the fan cage to
    change the base level of resistance
  • LCD MONITOR: Displays distance and interval, time, total
    strokes/strokes per minute, meters per stroke, watts, calories
    and heart rate (using the transmitter). Also includes
    customizable workouts
  • WIRELESS HEART RATE STRAP: Attach to the chest to track target
    pulse rate quickly and easily with included accessory
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The strong steel monorail, molded seat,
    metal rowing chain, textured foot plates with straps and padded
    handle provide comfort and stability with each stroke
  • EASY STORAGE: When assembled, 94 inches long by 24.5 inches wide
    by 42 inches high. Built-in wheels and easy separation of rail
    from main frame allows for convenient storage solution
Stamina | X AMRAP Indoor Rowing Machine

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