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Experience a workout unlike any other with the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5728 Air Magnetic Rowing Machine. The unique dual resistance design pairs the smooth strong torque of magnetic flywheel resistance with an integrated user-controlled fan resistance system. As you increase your rowing speed and strength, the 8 levels of precise magnetic resistance will keep your ride fluid while the internal fan provides progressive resistance to each stroke much like a traditional air rowing machine. The durable steel slide rail inseam measures at 39 inches in length providing ample room for those with longer legs and the sturdy construction supports up to 265 pounds. The padded seat and slip resistant handlebars provide comfort and support to help you maintain performance throughout your workout. Large anti-slip foot pedals along with adjustable foot straps keep your footing secure while you power through each hard stroke. A digital computer system will track your stroke count, time, rpm, calories, and distance so you can create your own custom workout to meet your health and fitness goals. Built in transportation wheels and a foldable design provides easy mobility and convenient storage. When folded this air magnetic rower measures at 32L x 20W x 45.5H inches compared to 72L x 20W x 26H inches when ready for use. Get the full body workout you’ve been looking for with the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5728 Air Magnetic Rowing Machine!

  • DUAL ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: Magnetic tension knob provides resistance changes to the 3.75-Pound flywheel. You get the best of an air rowing machine and air magnetic rower in one unified rower
  • DIGITAL MONITOR: Program your workouts-based on time, stroke count, calories, rpm, and distance. Utilize the Scan feature to Scroll through all your data and Track multiple workout variables
  • TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE: Transportation and storage are made easy with simple transportation wheels and a unique foldable slide rail
  • FOOT PEDALS: Slip resistant foot pedals will house all foot sizes. Attached foot straps secure your feet, so you can focus on the workout and not your feet sliding off the foot pedals
  • CUSHIONED SEAT: A Well-padded and soft cushion seat measuring at 10L x 12W x 2H inches, creates a comfortable seated position that limits possible numbness and tingling in your glutes
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5728

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