Fitness Asuna Ventus Rowing Machine


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Discover new ways to challenge yourself with the ASUNA 8580 Ventus Air Magnetic Rower. Produce powerful strokes along the 49-inch aluminum slide rail while seated on the ergonomic seat pad. Strap your feet onto the adjustable foot plates that sport sliding heel pads, which can accommodate any shoe size. Engage the smooth belt-drive system to pull against dynamic air resistance and the 12 levels of magnetic tension. The performance display tracks time, distance, stroke rate, wattage output, calories burned, heart rate, and real-time exercise data. Intensify your exercise routine with 3 preloaded workout modes. Fold the aluminum slide rail upright for easy storage. Use the transportation wheels to transport this machine from room to room. This rower supports up to 330lbs. Maximize your rowing potential with the ASUNA 8580 Windmill Air Magnetic Rower.

  • Ergonomic design: ergonomic seat pad sits 16 inches off the ground, which makes it easier to get on and off of the commercial rower. Use the fitted seat to maintain stability and comfort as you row
  • Dual resistance: dual air and magnetic resistance. The air resistance created by the fan is progressive, making you work harder. Belt-drive and resistance mechanisms are virtually maintenance free
  • Powerful display: manage duration, distance, strokes, Wattage, calories burned, and heart RATE on one screen. Pivot the eye-level workout display 160 degree for maximum visibility
  • 3 workout modes: target workout performance in manual mode. Jump into training mode to set speed-related goals. Race mode challenges yourself against a computer while tracking your progress on screen
  • Wireless connectivity: connect a Wireless ant-compatible heart RATE senor to monitor your Pulse in real time on the performance display
Fitness Asuna Ventus Rowing Machine

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