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Presentation meets performance with the ASUNA 8570 Windmill Air Magnetic Rower. Maintain optimal stability on the fitted seat as you glide along the 49-inch aluminum slide rail. Place your feet onto the ergonomic foot plates that feature heel pads and foot straps, which provides maximum balance, support, and force production. Engage the 14lbs flywheel as you pull against the progressive air resistance and the 10 levels of magnetic resistance. Track your duration, distance, stroke rate, wattage output, calories burned, and heart rate on the self-powered digital display. Intensify your workout with challenging preloaded workouts. The durable frame, which supports up to 330lbs, folds upright for easy storage. Achieve comfort, utility, and performance with the ASUNA 8570 Windmill Air Magnetic Rower.

  • Dual resistance: air and magnetic resistance simultaneously intensify your workouts, resistance created by the fan is progressive, the harder you work, The harder the fan works you
  • Ergonomic design: Comfortable tall sitting position of the air magnetic rower allows for easy mounting and dismounting. Maintain stability as you row on the fitted rower seat.
  • Powerful display: mounted to a pivoting arm, The display has several viewing angles to fit your workout style. Easily view distance, strokes, Wattage, calories burned, and heart RATE on one screen
  • Wireless controls: experience Convenience at its best. Easily adjust the 10 levels of magnetic resistance with wireless handlebar controls
  • Self-generating power: Enjoy the patented self-generating mechanism that powers the internal display with every stroke. The efficient display conserves power after 10 second of inactivity
  • Solid and sturdy frame: The heavy duty frame can support the most strenuous workouts with a max user weight of 330LB
  • Performance Monitor – Include 13 workout programs & 8 workout modes
Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna Windmill 8570

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