RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review – Walking & Running treadmill. Unlike normal treadmill, RHYTHM FUN treadmill can be used 2 ways.when treadmill handrail folded, it becomes to under desk treadmill or standing desk treadmill, you can walk while you work with the speed max to 3.7mph=6km/h. when handrail put up,you can running as normally with speed max to 7.5mph=12km/h.

7“thickness,97lb light weight, only covering less 0.3㎡ small space in your room or office.Compact , foldable, and wheels on the treadmill make the treadmill easier to portable put away after use.Ideal for exercise fitness and home running in USA families.

Treadmill NameTreadmill MotorMax User CapacityWorkout DisplaySize of RunningPrice on Amazon
Sole F653.25 CHP350 lbs.7.5" LCD22" X 60"Check Price
Bowflex T2164.0 CHP400 lbs.9" LCD22" x 60"Check Price
NordicTrack T 7.53.0 CHP400 lbs.7” LCD20” x 60”Check Price
Horizon 7.8 AT4.0 CHP350lbs.9.3” LCD22" X 60"Check Price
Sole TT84.0 CHP400 lbs.10.1" LCD22" X 60"Check Price
ProForm 905 CST3.0 CHP350lbs.5” LCD22" X 60"Check Price
NordicTrack 29504.25 CHP300 lbs.22” HD SMART22" X 60"Check Price
Precor TRM 4254.25 CHP350lbs.5" LCD22" X 60"Check Price
3G Cardio4.0 CHP386lbs.One-Touch22" x 62"Check Price
Nautilus T6183.5 CHP350lbs.Dual LCD displays20" x 60"Check Price

Strong 2.0hp electric motorized DC power motor,silicon structure honeycomb running board ,7-level soft large running belt,durable steel frame make up the RHYTHM FUN treadmill’s AIR shock reduction & noise reduction system.Less noise & safety make your running quiet & comfortable! No matter beginners or seniors!

RHYTHM FUN treadmill can be connected phone with bluetooth, play music when running & walking , or watch TV by treadmill phone holder. Also,you can easily monitor and track your workout on smart workout APP & remote controller, setting all kinds favorite trainning program freely.

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review

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RHYTHM FUN Walking & Running 2-in-1 interchange models Treadmill

1. RHYTHM FUN under desk treadmill is a kind of treadmill with 2 fitness models. Walking & Running models.

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review

2. Walking models – Walk or slow running when handrail folding, can be put under desk or standing desk when you work in office or small space,making you get physical exercise at work,relax & interesting! One function is dual-purpose!

3. The Max Walking speed is 6km/h=3.7mph. walking much more comfortable than others! walking speed range – 0.6-3.7mph.

4. Running modes – Makes you walk or run with wide running belt by safety & foldable handrail at home , pls run as fast as you can !

5. The Max Running Speed is 12km/h=7.5mph. Running faster than others and do not worry disturb others because of the noise.QUITE QUIET!

6. No assembly required – RHYTHM FUN treadmill can be used direclty and without any assembly! just take out the package and use it ! Easy move & Portable!

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review


7. Easy to storage – Only less 0.3m² occupation in your home or office, can be stored in a closet, under a bed, under the sofa, or just left out in a corner of a room ready for use without being seen. Ideal for exercise fitness and home running in USA families.

8. Smart Workout APP & Remot controller – Special made workout app , can relize your personal customerized workout program, track your speed, distance, time and calorie. Control your treadmill by 3 kinds way: Handrail “Home” button, workout app, and remote controller.

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review and bay

9. Bluetooth Speaker, phone holder, Safety lock – Listening to music while running by hi-fi bluetooth speaker,or Running while watching the video by phone holder, Relax both physically and psychologicall. safety lock use for stop the treadmill in an emergency, prevent you from falling and getting injured during exercise.

Professional treadmill factory with profession and high quality material

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Reviews

2 Dynamic Suspension System
RHYTHM FUN folding under desk treadmill adopt the“honeycomb” and “arched” AIR Shock absorption & noise reduction design, making the home treadmill touch the ground completely in soft, less noise & freed running let you run like a space walk.Relax,Free,Quiet, and Fantastic!

Professional shock absorber system
RHYTHM FUN foldable home use treadmill running belt the Slow rebound performance & the Professional Dynamic Balance, keeping your Knee & Feet from injury, give your Stable Running Feeling! you could not get any harm because the sudden stop! Suitable for beginners or seniors!

7-level elastic running platform design
Not like othe treadmill’s 5 or less running platform,RHYTHM FUN walking running motorized treadmill Belt has the real7-level elastic running platform, made by silicon structure honeycomb running board, flexible belt and aluminum alloy with excellent durability. Anti-skid ,Shockproof & durable use!Protect feetwell!

Strong 2.0hp DC motor
Not like other treadmill overstates their DC motor,RHYTHM FUN Smart treadmill has the real Strong 2.0hp DC motor, save electricity & energy, prevent falling due to forced training or sudden speed change. realize Stable speed control by electric circuits efficiently . Quiet & Powerful !

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review

RHYTHM FUN treadmill has own Special design, patent,and logo.

Hi-Fi bluetooth Speaker
RHYTHM FUN treadmill has the Strong Hi-fi bluetooth speaker. fit for multiple players,super bass loudspeaker. with this bluetooth speaker, you can listen your music ,which can make your running & walking passionatly.

One key “Home ” button control
Special simple design to control the speed,on /off. only one-home button! you can control on/off/ or speed with this one button.

Easy & Quick!

Large Wide Running Belt
Rhythm Fun treadmill has the 18″=45 cm running belt . comfort level , smooth, balance & stable feeling, and solid design! Safety for walk or run , relaxed, freely!

Note: Running Blet not means the running platform!

RHYTHM FUN treadmill running platform wide to 30″.

Studay Handtrail
unlike normal treadmill , with this Studay handtrail, you can balance yourself much better! Mean while , Foot-operating handrail put down, treadmill as walking pad and used in the standing desk and office and so on. handrail puy up , you can use it as normal treadmill , compact & safety!

Choose RHYTHM FUN folding under desk treadmill, Choose Healthy & Yough

Safety lock & phone holder safety lock can keep you safe when you running or walking. so pls bring the safe lock when use the treadmill.

With Smartphone holder :you can enjoy exercise while watching music and videos with a smartphone holder !

Smart workout app, remote controller.
RHYTHM FUN treadmill has special workout app, remote controller.You can customized all your favourite sports program on workout app,and operate treadmill with remote controller remoterlly. Workout app can be uploaded on Apple store and Goole play.

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Review

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